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Kids OT

Your child will be assessed to identify the problem areas and set goals for intervention. Kids OT uses a broad range of assessment tools, including standardised and play based assessments. Areas of assessment can be Sensory Processing, Visual-Motor Integration, Visual Perceptual Development, Sensory Integration, Gross Motor and Fine Motor Development.

We have a variety of assessment packages available. Contact us to discuss how we can help.



Therapy sessions are with a qualified and registered Paediatric Occupational Therapist. The programmes below can be integrated to create a personalised therapy intervention to best meet the needs of your child.

Occupational Therapy Programmes:

Sensory Processing

To improve the ability to use sensory information to understand and effectively interact with people and objects.

Fine Motor Skills

To improve dexterity, control and precision to develop good handwriting/scissor cutting/cutlery skills and perform other fine motor intricate tasks.

Gross Motor Skills

To improve postural control, balance ,agility and strength in upper and lower limbs to perform physical activities with confidence.

Motor Planning

To improve motor planning and execution of movement efficiently.

Executive Functioning

Develop attention, memory, perception, organisation, regulation and problem solving abilities.

Bilateral Coordination, Sequencing and Praxis

Enhance movement efficiency and functional participation in everyday tasks.

Occular Motor Control

To enable greater success in reading, writing, copying and eye-hand coordination tasks.

Visual Perception

To improve visual perception and/or perceptual motor skills for greater success in academics and written work.


Teach the ability to adjust internal energy levels to suit the situation to remain alert and engaged to be able to learn the task. This includes calming and alerting strategies.

Emotional Regulation

Identify triggers and learn strategies to manage emotions effectively.

Social Skills

Learn and practice ways to communicate effectively with peers and adults.

Self-care Skills

Learn basic tasks eg.using cutlery,tying shoelaces , getting dressed, brushing their teeth, bathing etc.

Specialised Equipment

Provide advice and guidance on the choosing or purchase of specialty equipment to increase independence and quality of life.


We are here to help if you need support to communicate with Health or Education services to understand your child’s issues.

  • Attend meetings to assist in clarification around issues and advocate on your behalf
  • Contribute to reports from multi-disciplinary teams
  • Provide information and/or reports to teachers/other people directly involved with your child